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Jojo (Tora Sudiro), a young man who is always changing bergonta work in Jakarta. He was aware that his foolish and meaningless. Jojo but never get tired trying to start from zero, until he finally terpuruk menajdi employees tambal ban in place. Jojo is the meet with a rich old man who works in the company offers "escort services" own
To avoid the attack of protests from religious groups in Jakarta, this man runs the business with a mask pizza delivery service called Express Quickei
Jojo joined together with two friends who are also "new child" in Quickie Express, namely Marley (Amink) and Piktor (Lukman Sardi). With their unique look and, not long after they occupied a position directly in the company's "escort" is. Their lives much better and appeared to enjoy their job easier and that this class also produced quite a lot of money
However, they are kebehagiaan Jojo terusik time to meet a girl with a medical student and falls in love on it, and found the relationship between the girl with one of the Mafia tante customers and Jan Pieter Gunarto
Quickie Express film is a dark comedy full of innuendo, like a piece of pizza looks delicious, but apparently a lot like the rubber tires
Film Type:
Nia Dinata
Kalyana shira Films
117 Min


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