Selasa, 26 Mei 2009

MBA The Movie (Married by accident)

Already six months court, Raskal and Ole dibingungkan by sedunia most important question: "Must I ML ya?" Friends Raskal depraved that says, "Loss, if not dapet!" Ole sister also says, if it be a free direct melt certain . Two teenage white-gray that it confused the reckless pro-"shake" in the car culun
Sialnya, "Once the goal shoot straight!" Ole hurdle was perforated. How abortion? Eerie. Finally, the withdrawal only be the husband-wife betulan. Ole stomach gets worse, I so excited families, and the ideals of dispersed
Assisted by a midwife Sarah Sechan imitation is incompetent, MBA is a film about love monkeys so that kebablasan love hen



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