Selasa, 26 Mei 2009

jagad X code


Never heard a place called "Time Code" in Yogyakarta? Maybe some of you already. Description of how people living in residential real Kali Code? Agus Rahman Ringgo cs try mengisahkannya.
"Jagad X Code" (see Code Jagad Times-red) 3 tells about the youth who have noble dreams. But economic conditions that many pas-pasan always force them out of his dreams.
Jagad (Ringgo Agus Rahman) promised to buy a washing machine for his mother. Gareng (Opi Bachtiar) adiknya want to create a salon. Meanwhile, Bayu (Mario Irwiensyah) desirous to have the capital to open the location selling used books and magazines. Their intention is "at the end of the horn", but what may make no money.
Until a while, Gareng, Bayu, and Jagad accidentally met with the mufti called Semsar (Tio Pakusadewo). Semsar they propose to steal flash disk from a woman (Febby Febiola). Flash disk that seems very important. They will be given the reward Rp. 30 million. Without thinking long they also receive a bid Semsar.
In an effort to search flash disk, they meet a beautiful and rich girl named Regina (Tika Putri). Meeting with Regina that even a barrier from the business search flash disk worth Rp. Is 30 million.
Do they realize the dream with the successful attempt to find flash disk? What about Regina? Who is Regina?
In the middle of maraknya film comedy, film garapan Herwin Novianto this is quite different. He took the life of the community setting patterns Kali Code, Yogyakarta. Many moral message that was delivered, although the messages are public. At least "X Jagad Code" not only show the typical lawakan young people. Cs Ringgo also try to give the foolishness of living inserted





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