Selasa, 26 Mei 2009

kawin kontrak lagi


Jody joined the fond auntie Kang Sono sang with the broker. The result is a rumble ala Single Contract More: more funny, more exciting, more ... crazy! Village Pakelonan ready to accommodate all combatants from the city of love, sex-ceweknya more beautiful, more experts, and more ... matre. Plus a bonus of hot tea Euis! Nah!
But if you do not want obstructed. Bos Maung have a very ditakuti all people because the military operates a system for doing business, creating a potential wife kontrakan the most beautiful and expensive does not hold and have a vague protection on Tea Euis
Bos Maung too canny, to the prejudice and Jody Kang Sono who turn back, upside-langgang, and finally do the soldiers freeze-beautiful but bloodthirsty soldiers. Then Tea Euis appear with a miracle ...


Film Type:
Drama / comedy
Raam Punjabi
Mvp Pictures



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