Senin, 26 Januari 2009

Serif Digital Photo Suite 2009 (ZWT ISO)

Get the most from your digital photos! – no technical expertize required!

Digital Photo Suite 2009 is the fun and easy way to organize, fix and enhance your photos, to be creative with amazing artistic effects, and to share your collection in exciting new ways – no prior photo editing experience necessary. Digital Photo Suite 2009 combines the exciting new Album Plus X3 and the immensely popular PanoramaPlus 3 for the ultimate in easy photo organizing and editing.

Easily work with photos from your digital camera, scanner or the web – quickly fix photo flaws, give portrait subjects a magazine makeover, create amazing artwork in famous styles in an instant, and categorize your collection to make photos easier to find. Print attractive design projects featuring your most precious memories, or send your photos directly to well-known websites like Facebook® and Flickr®. Make stunning photo slideshows with a helpful automated wizard – even upload slideshow movies straight to YouTube™ for the fastest way to a world-wide audience!

Digital Photo Suite 2009 makes now the right time to get the most from your growing digital image collection.

Perfect photos in 3 easy steps:

1. Organize and sort your photos
2. Fix, enhance and be creative
3. Print or share online

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Download: 543.85 MB

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