Minggu, 25 Januari 2009

NATURA Sound Therapy v3


Relax to sounds and visuals with this sound therapy software

Natura Sound Therapy is the ideal tool to improve your quality of life. You can quickly achieve states of relaxation or concentration with Natura. Featuring 34 nature and music sounds and an abundance of special visuals, Natura can help you concentrate for work or study, unwind and relax, or even fall asleep more quickly. Natura offers you instant access to customized mood enhancement with combinations of sounds, colors, visuals, and brainwave frequencies.

Here are some key features of "NATURA Sound Therapy":
· Relax with 34 nature and music sounds including: Ocean Waves, Babbling Brook, Rain/thunder storm, Singing Birds, Insects, Chirping Frogs, Wind Chimes, Ambient Space 1 & 2, Native American Flute, Piano, Ambient Dub, and Hand Drumming.
· Coax your brain into a different state with 64 Brainwave Synchronizer tones.
· Instantly access customized mood enhancement with 38 easy quick start Factory Presets.
· Choose a peaceful scene out of 14 Visualizations.
· Select your favorite color with the Custom Color Picker.
· Make up to 121 of your own favorite combinations with the User Presets.
· Control the length of your sessions with the Countdown Timer.
· Personalize your view with 20 Background Images.
· Add extra audio and visual features, or Plug-ins, as they become available though our shop.
Natura includes relaxing nature sounds such as Ocean Waves, Babbling Brook, and Singing Birds. Calming music sounds include Native American Flute and Piano. Natura offers an amazing number of color options and many wonderful background images from which to choose. You can further personalize your Natura experience with peaceful visualizations such as rolling waves or a woodland waterfall. You will be able to expand Natura's audio and visual options with plug-ins as they become available. The Countdown Timer makes it easy to keep track of time spent on a project, regulate a meditation session, or use Natura as a sleep aid.
Natura offers 38 preset combinations of its unique sounds and visuals. Natura's presets include brainwave frequencies which can help you focus, solve problems, relax, meditate, and even heal your body. The sounds, colors, images, and frequencies have carefully been selected to help you get the most out of Natura. You can also create and save over 100 of your own special mixes of Natura's features.
The Brainwave Synchronizer is a fantastic feature in Natura that gives you access to more mental and emotional enhancement options. Selected frequencies, coming in through your headphones, can coax your brain into beneficial patterns. Natura's Brainwave Synchronizer can help you accomplish your work and play goals more effectively and efficiently.
Natura attunes your mind to the relaxing sounds of nature (thunderstorm, ocean waves, forest evening, babbling brook and two ambient space music sounds) and features a brainsync function which helps you achieve the four Brainwave states.
Specially designed to be used with headphones, Natura can also function as a background application while working on the computer.
Each sound has its own volume control and sounds can be mixed with each other to form unique combinations. These nature sounds have been digitally recorded in stereo sound.
NATURA also offers brainwave frequency patterns that can be added to the nature sounds or played on their own, enhancing mental focus and producing states of meditation and relaxation.
NATURA includes visualizations as well which can be turned on and off.
· 600 MHz processor
· 256 MB RAM
· 15 MB hard-disk space for program installation
· Windows-compatible sound card
What's New in This Release:
· 24 new sounds added
· relaxation module added
· Full featured brainwave synchronizer added
· 38 factory presets added
· brainwave visual added
· 12 video visuals added
· color picker added
· new background images added
· visual and audio plug-in capability added
· timer with chime or alarm added



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