Minggu, 25 Januari 2009

One Piece: Grand Battle 2 | PSX game for PC | 3d Fighting game | 48 MB


Game Rating in Gamespot=9.2
How to Run The Game.
First of all download both things.then extract both things.Run epsxe.exe in the emulator and complete the config wizard which is very important.then goto file/run ISO and run any of my games.Hope you understand.

How to configure the emulator

when you start the emulator a new window will open.don't click skip config.if you click skip config.then run epsxe.exe goto configwizard guide click config>>.then click Next>>.then select Pete's D3D Driver 1.58 click Next>>.then select any of them and click Next>>.again select any of them and click Next>>.then again click Next>> if you want to config controller then first config controller 1.then click Next>>.
If this game is running so fast then you have to do below settings.
Run Epsxe.exe(emulator).Goto Config/Video,then click configure. Set your Colour depth=32bit.Textures Quality at Highest (R8 G8 B8 A8).& set your Gfx card vram size to=16 mb.Then click ok.



One Piece: Grand Battle 2




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