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User Rating: 8.0/10 (Source IMDB)
Genre: Action | Crime | Drama | Thriller
Tagline: The time for revenge has come.
Plot: The film follows an ex-CIA "Preventer", who is faced with recovering his daughter after she is kidnapped by human trafficking|sex-traffickers in Paris, France.
Bryan (Liam Neeson), a former secret agent living in the US. He is skilled in hand to hand combat, divorced; and loves his 17-year-old daughter Kim (Maggie Grace) who lives with his ex-wife and her new husband Stuart (Xander Berkeley). Kim wants to take a vacation in Europe with her friend Amanda (Katie Cassidy), and together follow U2's European tour. Kim's mother allows this, but Kim also needs permission from her father. Since Kim fears that Bryan will not consent, she pretends that they will only stay in Paris. Reluctantly, Bryan agrees.
In Paris a seemingly friendly young man named Peter (Nicolas Giraud) proposes to share a taxi with them to the house where Kim and her friend are staying, and so they do. However, the man works for an Albanian Mafia|Albanian criminal organization, to which he reports the address.
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